Please fill in the form to register as a Alfa chicks client. You will receive your own unique client number to be used when placing orders. You can also email the required information to [email protected] Please feel free to contact us on 012 5611 205 if you have any queries.

Alfa Chicks Pty Limited and it’s affiliates take the safeguarding of our customers information very seriously. The documents that you submit via this website are deleted once the information is sent to our sales team in order for us to open a customer file for you. The personal information is used to verify the person we are doing business with and for fraud prevention reasons. The information is stored on our database behind a firewall. Your personal information is not shared with anyone outside of Alfa Chicks Pty Ltd and it’s affiliates. The information is used to ensure the validity of transactions between Alfa Chicks Pty Limited and it’s affiliates and you the customer.