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Our core technology has been developed from years of experience and expertise and results in a unique, patented formulation that enables the protectus range to offer the most unique set of benefits in our industry.

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MaPa Cleaning Technologies

MaPa Cleaning Technologies are distributors of quality cleaning equipment and consumable products.

Our extensive range encompasses high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, sweeping equipment, janitorial equipment, HACCP approved hygiene brush-ware and mopping equipment. We also manufacture a comprehensive range of Cleaning Chemicals. We also supply industry approved chemicals and detergents for the food industry. We are the leaders when it comes to equipment for the Car wash industry, as we are able to offer everything required to start or run an existing car wash.

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Super Agri Science

A company supplying first line of defense, neutraceutical, anti-bacterial and natural products to the Poultry, Pig, Ruminant and Animal processing industries.

We are a South African based company with many years experience in the intensive livestock industry. Our products are designed for the local conditions and fully manufactered in an audited, Kaya Sands based blending operation.

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The Bitek culture embraces innovation, quality and sustainability. This culture is core to its research and development, its raw material procurement and its outstanding quality products.

Bitek’s comprehensive range of feed and food additives and detergents and disinfectants will be able to add value to the operations of small farms to large integrated businesses, from feed and pet food manufacture through animal production to value added processing and covering all species from aqua to poultry. The comprehensive nature of the product range enables us to also provide solutions to many different aspects within a business’s operations.

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Bupo Animal Health

Our premium products including our ‘Green Range’ are manufactured and packaged at our own production plant in Pretoria by a dedicated team of experts. All products are registered with the relevant authorities in each country we are present in or distribute to.

It all started when Bupo Animal Health founder, Oscar Bupo and a business partner, looked into the lack of Support and the lack of quality products that were being supplied to Farmers and Veterinary industry players. This directly affected livestock, inturn adversely affecting the quality of the food we eat. By supporting these players at the root, quality products would mean quality lives for us all; Thus Rooted in Quality became the driving motto and Bupo Animal Health was registered in 1988.

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Focus on your core business while we handle your online presence.

We are technology enthusiasts who enjoy building awesome products. We believe that technology constantly evolves and so should we. We will always provide our clients with solutions that is relevant to the latest technologies, using the "best tool for the job" approach. We can provide you with a functional and elegant website, but we also focus on cloud infrastructure and cloud related services, APIs, hosting services, social media and online marketing strategies. We strive to constantly improve ourselves and as a result, improve the work that we provide to our clients.

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