Oval Hole Feedsaver

This product was specifically designed to minimize spillage with the oval holes preventing the chicks from flicking feed out of the tray. It is a modular system that is easily clipped together to suit the farmers individual requirements.

Piggie DRM Electric Brooder

This unit comprise of a rust-free aluminium reflector and a procelain based infra-red generator. The unit has a hook from which it can be hung.

Ribbed Tube Feeder

The Ribbed Tube Feeder has a stepped tube for better feed flow, with an anti-waste lip incorporated into the base to eliminate the need for an anti-waste ring.

Round Feed Tray

The Feed Tray is made from a polypropylene material which makes it rigid and almost unbreakable. With specially designed ridges on the base of the tray to reduce spillage while chicks are feeding. Available in red and black.

Tube Feeder

The Tube Feeder has four support struts with additional curves for extra strength and sturdiness, increased inner cone size for better feed flow and extra feet for superior stability. All metal parts are electroplated to prevent corrosion. (Anti waste ring is optional extra)VIEW ASSEMBLY VIDEO

Tube Feeder Lid

This lid fits onto all existing POLTEK® Tube Feeders which prevents contamination, prevents perching and keeps feed dry.